A selection of web resources on river & steamboat art, tourism, and culture
    • American Queen
      The Steamboat American Queen is the largest river steamboat in the world. She has steam engines that drive a stern paddlewheel along with a pair of diesel-driven propellers that enhance maneuverability.  Her sister vessels the American Duchess and American Countess frequently operates in the area as well.
    • Behringer Museum
      The Home for Northern Kentucky’s Heritage and a most interesting collection of steamboat memorabilia. 
    • Belle of Louisville
      The Steamboat Belle of Louisville is the oldest operating Mississippi River-style steamboat in the world.  She is a true living museum herself!
    • Delta Queen
      The Delta Queen is moored in Houma, Louisiana undergoing a restoration to potentially run again.  We hope to welcome her and her guests to the Museum in the near future.