Thinking about becoming a volunteer?

It can be a very rewarding experience!

Here are some of our opportunities:

Be a Tour Guide

There is a constant need for volunteer tour guides for visitors to the museum. The visitors may include individuals, families, friends, groups or students. A tour guide may be scheduled on a regular basis or “on call” as needed. A side benefit of being a tour guide is learning about the rich history of the Howard legacy and having an opportunity to share it with others.

Helping in the Office

The needs vary, but assistance is often needed to type letters, help in shipping and receiving of mail, etc.

Special Events

These events, such as the Annual Car Show, our famous  “Victorian Chautauqua”, and our Concert Series need lots of man and woman power! Assistance is wide-ranging, yet important, since these events are fundraisers for the museum.

The Gardens and the Grounds

This is a satisfying activity for those among us who love to dig in the dirt and plant flowers. This is a first-hand opportunity to learn about Victorian landscaping!

Help Clean the Mansion

You can imagine the help needed to clean a 22-room mansion. It is a wonderful opportunity to see and give loving care to beautiful antiques! In general, the activities involve dusting, dust mopping, cleaning of woodwork, vacuuming, etc.

Help in the Gift Shop

Our gift shop is expanding. Help here is fairly open-ended ranging from waiting on customers, to assisting with shipping and receiving of merchandise or lending a hand when a large group of visitors comes by.

Contact Us

If you would like to explore further the possibility of volunteering, give us a call or drop in and chat with us.

Travis C. Vasconcelos – Museum Director
Howard Steamboat Museum
1101 East Market Street
Jeffersonville, IN 47130