James Howard 1814 – 1876


In 1834, at the age of 19, James Howard founded the Howard Shipyards. The yards would span four generations of Howards and output roughly a third of the steamboat hulls that traveled the inland rivers.

Edmonds J. Howard, son of James Howard

Edmonds J. Howard, son of James the founder and Laura, wife of Edmonds. were the second generation of Howards to own the Howard Shipyards. He and his wife Laura would supervise the building of the Howard Mansion.
Laura Burke, wife of Edmonds J. Howard

Laura was the mother of Clyde and Jim and Mistress of the Howard Mansion.


Clyde and this brother Jim are the 3rd generation of Howards,

Clyde lived in the Mansion with his parents, his wife Julia and their three daughters, Laura Jean, Frances and Esther.

Julia, wife of Clyde and mother of Laura Jean, Frances and Esther

Laura Jean in 1904, oldest daughter of Clyde and Julia, born in the mansion on Sept 27, 1898.

Frances Rebecca Howard age 5, born March 16, 1900

Laura Jean Howard & her sister Frances at the beach

Esther Ailsa Howard, youngest daughter, born Sept 10, 1906

Clyde with youngest daughter Esther, 1910

Frances Rebecca Howard, daughter of Clyde and Julia, as 16 year old graduate from Louisville Collegiate School.

Esther, daughter of Clyde & Julia, as High School graduate.

Howard family: 2nd, 3rd and 4th generations

Left to right: Laura, Laura Jean, Clyde, Julia, Frances, Edmunds.


2nd gen: Laura, Edmonds J.

3rd gen: Clyde, Julia

4th gen: Laura Jean, Frances, Ester not yet born

Jim, brother of Clyde, husband of Loretta father of Ed and Martha

Jim in motorcar

Loretta Howard, wife of Jim Howard with her two oldest children, Martha and Ed J. Howard.

Loretta Maud Wooden Howard, wife of Jim Howard

Family dinner, 1921

Clyde leaves for England on business in 1922.