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Summer 2017 Howard Steamboat Museum Newsletter

Lots of exciting news at the little museum that can and does!


JeffBoat Heritage Classic Golf Scramble

On the 25th and 26th of May JeffBoat held their annual Heritage Classic Golf Scramble.  The events included the christening of a modern river towboat, a picnic on the grounds of the Howard Steamboat Museum, and on Friday the 26th, a Golf Scramble at Hidden Creek Golf Course.  We will forever be grateful for all that JeffBoat continues to do for our museum. They raised an amazing $30,000.00 to assist in the operations of the museum.  The museum does not take any regular Federal, State, or Local funds for our operation.  We survive on our income through tours, membership drive, and wonderful community stewards like JeffBoat.  A big Thank You to JeffBoat and their continued generosity to the little museum that can!

New Exhibit Lighting in Founders Room

We have installed the first of the new lighting in the display cabinets on the second floor. The lighting is supplied to us by Louisville Lighting and is superb for the lighting of the unique artifacts here in the museum.  This will help our guests see and read many things that heretofore were not as easy to see.  In addition, this lighting uses much less electricity than incandescent bulbs saving the museum money.  The installment of the lighting was done by Collections Committee volunteer James Hall.  We look forward to the installation of the rest of the cabinets over the coming weeks.

Collections Committee News

Progress of the redevelopment of our exhibits project. Aided by Paul Plaschke and KYK Marketing, our Collections Committee is moving right along with this project. Collections Committee and Museum Member James Reising has put together and researched the information presented as well as scoured the Howard collection of photographs to make sure the new wall panels have the best information available. We are hoping to complete the project by mid-summer 2017.  Some of the new features installed are…New Wall Panels describing the themes of the rooms with easy to read information and graphics on the Howard Family, The Shipyard, The Early River, Packet Boats, and Towboats, Showboats, and Excursion Boats, new energy efficient lighting, a timer for the interior lighting for the INDIANA model, addition of items previously not on display, and coordination of the displays in the specific rooms to follow a time and subject line.

Str. CHICOT model donation

Museum Life Member John Fryant has graciously donated a phenomenal model of the 1925 Howard-built Corps of Engineers towboat Str. CHICOT to the museum. This excellent model defies description in the attention to detail and craftsmanship employed in its creation. Mr. Fryant is a model builder of great regard.  He has built models for the Smithsonian Museum, Mud Island River Museum, and many others.  He is also a very well-known author on the subject of scale model building. This model is on display now in the Master Bedroom which is now focused on the era of the river of Towboats, Showboats, and Excursion Boats.  Our most sincere thanks to Mr. Fryant for this amazing donation.  With this new model we can better educate our guests to the variables of river steam towboat design.

Ongoing Projects at the Howard

In our Ongoing Projects Department, Member James Hall continues to gift LED lightbulbs to the museum. This project of his is an ongoing project that has been going on for about a year. He is finding and sourcing special bulbs that look correct in the Edison bulb style for the museum.  These modern units will save the museum a great deal of money over the next few years by using much less electricity and lasting much longer than the incandescent bulbs they replace.  In addition, they provide better lighting with less harmful UV emissions to protect our valuable collection.  Thanks James for your kind donation and hard work!

Carriage House Renovation Progress

In the last month the addition on the rear of the building has been framed in and is under roof. In addition the side porch is starting to be framed in and the main building has been moved 6” to connect to the addition.  We are being told that we could be ready to rent the building in the first quarter of 2018 if we continue to move forward without delays.  This will be an excellent addition to our campus and a wonderful asset to the community for years to come!

Upcoming events at the Howard Steamboat Museum

Car Show at the Howard: 16, September 2017 (rain date: 17, September 2017).  Show will be held on the grounds of the museum and showcase 6 classes of vehicles to include, Classic Domestic cars, Modern Domestic cars, Modern Asian cars, Modern European cars, Classic Import, Stance (or lowered) cars, and Track class cars.  We will have a food booth and beer garden for this event on the grounds.  The museum will be open for self-guided tours at a reduced rate of $5.00.  Hours for the show 10:00am until 5:00pm. Registration available online or at the museum.

River Ramblings: 15, October 2017 at 3:00pm, Jonathan Tchiggfrie will present a talk on the Thomas J. Nichol company of calliope builders. He has been doing many years of research on the steam calliope and has unearthed many heretofore unknown facts and information on the infernal music machine.  This will be a not to miss event with information available nowhere else!  Suggested $5.00 donation, please.



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